Why Choose Us?

Custom Farmhouse Decor- Frederick MD

With so many home decor companies and online shops, it is easy to find affordable home and business decor at competitive rates. Many large companies such as the At Home Store offer beautiful decor ready for purchase right when you see it. So why even consider buying from a small business?

We Hand Make Everything

From our canvas pictures to our wood signs, we hand select and design our items. This means we physically choose the slab of wood with the less knots and holes. We hand paint, design, and seal our canvas pictures. We inspect all of our finished products to make sure it meets our high standards. Nothing is missed like many of the machine made home decor items you find at any large home decor store.

Our Decor Pieces are Unique

Since our items are all hand made, no two pieces are exactly identical. Each product has a unique fingerprint. This means no one will have the same exact item you have even if it is the same design.

You Can Customize Just About Anything

That is right. You can customize just about anything we make. Don’t like the color options you see listed? Contact us to see what we can do. Do not like the wording style, or even the saying? Not a problem. Contact us. We take pride in our ability to handle custom orders that bring out the uniqueness in our customers.

You Will Always Talk to a Physical Person

No automated emails or long waits. When you contact us, your message reaches us directly. We respond quickly. We are here to help you create one-of-a-kind items without the hassle and stress that ordering from larger companies can often bring.

We LOVE Our Customers

You are our biggest asset and we want to always keep it that way! We want to get to know you and help you achieve your design goals.

Have something to share? Contact us today or check out our shop for rustic, unique, farmhouse decor!